Internet Marketing Budget: How Much Should You Spend?

It takes money to make money in order for your brand or product to boost sales and grow your business fast. So first we need to invest money into digital marketing so we become visible in the online world. Why? because most of your potential customers are turning online too looking for products and services they need; and of course, many of your competitors are into internet marketing too. Will you pass the chance of losing these potential online customers?

So how much should you spend on digital marketing?  If you spend too little, your  message might not be delivered to the audience and  if you spend too much, it might blow up your marketing budget. So, here are some of the effective tactics we can use :


How to Set Up a Social Media Event Landing Page

Facebook is one of the most powerful, useful tools that is proven to be effective social media platform to promote or create an event. It is believed to be the easiest and cheapest tool.

No matter what kind of event you are holding, it would make no sense if people don’t come so as an organizer, you have to cover everything for the event and plan every detail ahead of time so you know how to employ your resources and marketing will come into play.  It always take a great deal of time and effort to promote events successfully.

Among a few of the things you can do are: reaching out to your target audience through all possible channels, webinars, sponsored ads, email blasting and / or linking your website.; sharing your Facebook event outside Facebook, i.e. on a blog or website,through email marketing and other social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

How Do You Set Up an Event Landing Page?

Promote Charity Events Through Social Media


The United States alone has 4.2 million homeless people, 345 million don’t have access to clean water and many are still dying from diseases which are otherwise treatable and preventable. The sad thing is,  the numbers are increasing every year. So what do we do as social media fanatics to support charities which are helping these people out? How can we help make the world a better place for the homeless and the needy?

First and foremost, make sure that there are people who would show up on the event otherwise it would be embarrassing and financially tragic for the charity organization you are supporting if no one participates or worse, no one shows up.

What Other Ways Do We Help Charity Events Through Social Media?

Yelp And How It Helps Your Business

Yelp is a corporation that developed a website and app which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses.

Founded in 2004 by former Paypal’s Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman, it expanded throughout Europe and Asia and believed to have 135 million monthly visitors and nearly 95 million reviews.

Yelp isn’t just an option but rather a necessity especially for local small  businesses. It helps people decide where to go eat, shop, spend their money. and have fun!

Setting up your page is just filling out a couple of online forms and answering an automated call for verification. So make sure all necessary information that you want your clients to know is on your Yelp Page. You can upload photos, place a link to your website and ensure that your contact information, store hours, and other business information are up to date; otherwise Yelp will move on to a competitor and place it better in the search results because they provide more detailed information on what the site visitors need.

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Benefits of Google Apps, Gmail folders and Filtering Emails

Google Apps is formerly called Google apps for business which is now the most popular web email service in the world. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Google Drive. It is a nice little service that allows you to get your company email off of Google’s mail servers.

What are the Benefits of Using Google Apps?

New Cool Stuff Revealed on Facebook’s F8


New technologies and tools were revealed on Mark Zuckerberg’s Annual F8 developers conference concluded last April 12-13 and was attended by more than 2600 developers held in San Francisco, CA.

The 31 year old, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook announced a 10 year roadmap for the social media that mainly consists of lasers, virtual reality and bots and its goal to develop worldwide connectivity, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and how it can help bring people together and give everyone a voice.

Check some of the keynotes mentioned on the said event:

Facebook Personal Profile Page

The first impression is always lasting so to speak. It goes the same with your first date, your job interview and even on Facebook marketing.

In many social media site when you sign up, you will get the option to load an image that will represent yourself. Reason? It will help to identify you. It’s a must. Same thing goes with your profile picture in Facebook as it is considered to be way important compared to the top page of your timeline which is your cover photo.

In a research, Oxford’s Dr. Bernie Hogan says, ” This photo has become the new calling card, it is the first point of contact and believed that its more professional having an avatar/profile picture because it adds a different level of personal touch.”

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