Why Would Your Orange County Business Care for Social Media Management?

Social media platforms allow people, especially businesses, to interact, engage, listen or collaborate with people but in the age where social media platforms and venues are increasing, social media management becomes a time-consuming and laborious process. Before we go any further, let us differentiate social media marketing from social media management; and as an Orange County business owner, it is important to know the difference so as you understand what you are getting if in case you sign up for any of these social media packages. Read more here: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/why-would-your-orangecounty-business-care-for-social-media-management/

Facebook: The Year that Was 2015 and What 2016 Brings

Facebook never ceases to build new features and also improve existing ones that are already in place to make the top social media platform better. On personal Facebook pages, features like Nearby Friends – which helps you determine which of your friends are nearby that way you can meet up with them for lunch or a movie, A Look Back which tells you the highlights of your Facebook experiences since you joined, Trending which tells you the relevant stories worldwide by which you can participate in, and so many other features that makes the daily 1.01 billion users sign in and use the platform.

In the business world, Facebook is unanimously the top marketing and advertising platform too and looking at all the statistics, there’s no reason to doubt its supremacy this year either. That could be the reason why Facebook is emerging as a customer service tool for businesses and a platform for social commerce too. What changes do we expect this year? How do your Orange County business plan to make use of it?


Facebook Messenger

Communication with your customers is important, and with e-commerce sites, doubly so as a great service prompts buyers to buy and spend more. In the next couple (or so) months, we are expecting to see Business on Messenger (although the existing messenger service is still available now) which will let you communicate with your e-commerce customers. Some e-commerce developers are already creating apps that will let you interact with your customers via Facebook.


Local Business Directory

The local business directory will allow customers to view businesses that have the best reviews or ratings in Facebook thus giving more opportunities to businesses and at the same time making the platform more useful to users. The difference with Yelp? You’ll see reviews written by friends and friends of friends instead of ratings and reviews uploaded by strangers.


What do this mean for Your Business?

In order to drive a better customer service and encourage friends on your Facebook business page to write a review for your business, owners are encouraged to:

  • Answer messages and respond to questions in a timely manner. When your business page has a repsonse rate of 90% and a response time of 5 minutes, facebook will award your page with “the very responsive to messages” badge.
  • Request testimonials and reviews from your clients who happen to be your friends on Facebook too.

Remember that social is the new SEO  and the better your customer service or engagement is on this social media platform, the more ‘Likes’ you’ll get, the more followers you’ll acquire which will increase your organic search ranking here in Orange County and your post reach too.

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Voice Search is One of the New Way of How SEO Works Today!

With today’s generation, it is better to speak on the phone rather than type something in as average typist can generally encode 50 to 80 WPM, and even the advanced typist can sometimes type only above 120 WPM. These numbers, of course, represent a scenario where the typist is sitting behind a desk or a work space. What about for the people on-the-go? This is where voice search comes in. How does it affect SEO strategies today? How would companies, especially in Orange County, stay ranked?

With Google Now, Siri and Cortana offering voice search on smartphones, newer generations are offered better options of communicating more efficiently. Even Northstar Research’s study indicated that among teenagers, 55 percent use voice search everyday and 56 percent of adults use voice search everyday too. Why the rise?

Last year was considered the year of mobile as 87 percent of the world’s population own smartphones. Because of this, there is also an increasing demand for mobile searches rather than traditional searches which are done on laptop and desktop computers.

Imagine looking for the best restaurant to dine here in Orange County while you’re already driving or you’re trying to meet a project deadline which you don’t have a clue of. Voice searches can greatly help you on these instances to multi-task and speed things up, plus the convenience of not having to waste energy in typing while doing so.


How Voice Search Affects SEO Strategies

Forget about the stiff, traditional way of searching on Google. Whereas we use the shortest keywords before, voice searches paves the way for a more natural, free-form searches often associated with natural conversations as it answers the “who, what, where, why” type of queries.

And since voice searches are conversational in nature, it follows that keyword stuffing on websites won’t work anymore. Instead, content that answers the four questions mentioned above are the ones which will most likely rank than their competitors.

Borrowing Matt Cutts’ words: “It is definitely the case that if you have something coming in via voice, people are more likely to use natural language. They are less likely to use search operators and keywords and that sort of thing and that is a general trend that we see.”


How Do You Get your Website Voice Search-Ready?

  1. Start Implementing Long-Tail Keywords. The benefits were discussed here.
  2. Answer the “who, what, where, why” questions which you expect your customers to ask.
  3. Write naturally as this is how voice searches work best.


Although voice search is quite different, it does not deviate from SEO. It comes in line with search engines’ purpose to render queries more user-friendly in a fast and easier way. Indeed, it is time to be more innovative with your SEO strategies to stay on the top rankings.

Need any help with SEO strategies and innovations that will bring more traffic to your Orange County website? Call us at (949) 800-6990 and talk to us today.




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Build Social Media Following to Increase SEO Ranking

We all know that social media and SEO cannot be separated. While SEO provides you with content that viewers will find useful and relevant to your industry, social media will provide you engagement and the means to distribute or share those content. However, the big question is, how will your SEO content reach the right audience when you don’t have a social media following here in Orange County? And worse, nobody engages with your social media accounts?

Growing your audience or followers is a slow and rigorous process but when done consistently, it will help your overall ranking. Remember though that Google has a way of determining the quality of your followers so if you’re thinking of buying followers for the sake of obtaining instant popularity, it wouldn’t do much for your rankings. Everything has to be done organically.


So the big question is, how can you increase your following for your SEO content to reach a large audience?


  1. Optimize your Social Media Bio, Posts or Description for Search. Neil Patel  pointed out that social media is the new SEO and if you optimize these with right keywords, hashtags for description, or blog content with the right keywords, it will go a long way to increase your ranking and your following. How? Take this as an example. If you’re new in Twitter and your business is in Orange County, typically, you search for followers who are in Orange County. With Twitter’s search field, you can add following by typing in your focus area and the industry you want to build a following  (i.e., if you’re a dentist in orange county, you search for keywords and hashtags that has the words “orange county, teeth, dental, dentist, dental check up, etc” and start following those accounts. In turn, those who search for “dentist orange county” can easily see you if your social media description fits want they want to follow or if they find the content you post as relevant to want they are looking for.

Here’s a few facts worth pondering about:

Just think of how many search and queries are done now that there are additions to the accounts created on each of these platforms.


  1. Build and Increase your Inbound Links. Inbound links are crucial to increase the time users spend on your website. So how does this help increase your social media following? When you post relevant and unique content on your social media, it attracts bloggers and social media influencers to link back to your post; and when they do, they share it to their own following thus increasing not just inbound links but your own audience and eventually their followers becomes yours too.


  1. Engage and start conversations. In communicating comes liking and in liking comes following. This is how social media accounts are recognized. Useful comments made on blogs and replying to inquiries make people think that your company and brand is real thus increasing organic followers which is favored by search engines like Google.


  1. Never forget other search engines like Bing. Unlike Google, which changed their stance on the influence of social signals to SEO, Bing never changed their stand and I quote them through Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land’s interview:

“We do look at the social authority of a user. We look at how many people you follow, how many follow you, and this can add a little weight to a listing in regular search results. It carries much more weight in Bing Social Search, where tweets from more authoritative people will flow to the top when best match relevancy is used.”

 And Bing also value links being shared commonly on social media accounts:

“We can tell if something is of quality on Facebook by leveraging Twitter. If the same link is shared in both places, it’s more likely to be legitimate.”

So to build additional following on the second largest search engine, optimize your business on Bing too!


The entire purpose of the web is to build relationships, share ideas and foster relationships- in short, it serves a social purpose and SEO does the same! With it’s implementation of UI metrics, it aims to make the web a useful, relevant and user-friendly place thus one cannot do without the other.

Need help and advice on social media and SEO strategies that work in order to build a following here in Orange County? Call us at (949) 800-6990 today!

SEO Orange County: Guide on How to Rank your New Website

SEO Orange County: Guide on How to Rank your New Website


Is it possible to get your website ranked when it’s new? The old-school, black-hat SEO techniques might have worked before but not in the current situation where Google release updates and algorithm shifts by surprise and where the focus of SEO is more on content and its users.

Is it possible to rank your website through SEO quickly though? The answer is still a Yes! Here are some SEO techniques to get you quick ranking even if you got a newbie website and you’re a new entrepreneur here in Orange County:


1. Choose Long Tail Keywords. Neil Patel of Search Engine Journal recommends the use of long tail keywords. These are keywords that are composed of more than 4 words. The reason? According to Marketing Hub long tail keywords have less competition than their short counterparts, thus, it would be easier for your website to rank on the top pages of Google. It might not mean a lot in your website traffic if you only target 3 long tail keywords but when you have 12 or more, well, that’s a different story!

In addition, using long tail keywords provides better web conversion than the small tail keywords. Why? Those who search for long term keywords already know what they are after, they know what they want and if you optimize your website properly with the long tail keywords they’re after, you just don’t get traffic. You also get sales.

How much traffic will you get from long tail keywords? Moz  stated that 80% of organic traffic comes from long tail keywords. Besides, your website doesn’t stand a chance with Wikipedia all over the place of search engines if you use short tail ones!

Another advantage? Search Engine Watch  stated on their research that the 11-20 character keywords get almost 60 percent of the impressions and clicks and the 21-25 character keywords get 80 percent of call conversions.


2. Make sure your website has a Solid SEO Foundation. When I say “solid SEO foundation,” I mean starting from the creation of the website itself. Choose a theme and platform that is easy for the readers to navigate, fast to load, and mobile-friendly; build your website through the most-popular and well-used CMS, WordPress; and of course, install SEO plugin that will aid in your SEO efforts.


3. Don’t rush things up if your website isn’t ready. If your website is still on the Set-Up phase, don’t allow Google’s bots to crawl your site yet. Until it has been finalized and ready to be crawled, create a robot.txt and tag it with a noindex no follow. You can remove these tags once your website is properly set-up and all details are covered.


4. Write Content Consistently! As I’ve mentioned earlier, search engines rank websites based on how content-driven they are so make sure that your site attracts Google’s attention through this SEO technique. Search engines have a way of determining whether your website has fresh content- newer content and newer websites means good news to Google- so keep a steady stream of it to get rankings and maintain your position on top.


5. Promote and Share your Content. How will your website get viewers and visitors if you just publish content and let it sit there? Share it to your social media accounts, emails, on industry-specific forum sites, blog commentaries and share it to industry and blog influencers. The more your content are distributed, the greater are the chances for your new website to get rankings and visitors.


Getting to rank a website is hard, more so, if you’re a new entrepreneur trying to promote not just your new website but the products or services that are on it. You have to put in hours of work doing and re-doing things, yet in the end, with the right SEO strategies implemented, you will be rewarded with your website’s name on the ranking pages of Google.

Need to get the job done for your new Orange County business website? Let Drive Traffic Media, a content-driven, white-hat SEO company do it for you. Call Us at (949) 800-6990 and get free online reports and analysis for your website.




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Orange County Social Media Marketing to Increase Facebook Business Page Reach

As of November this year, Facebook boasts a total of 1.55 billion monthly active users with 1.01 billion active daily users and 217 million of which are from US and Canada. In addition, there are 40 million small business pages that are active on Facebook. The question is, is your own Orange County Facebook business page attracting new Likes or engagement with every update you share or post? Are your social media marketing strategies attracting more business especially this holiday? Now is the right time to exert additional effort as this is considered to be Facebook’s busiest month. How can you step up the game for your social media marketing and attract more Orange County buyers to engage and buy your products? Let me discuss a few strategies.

Target your Post Audience. Let’s face it, no one will notice your posts unless they’re interested with what you have to share and that’s the reason why you need to utilize Facebook’s Newsfeed Targeting. This will allow you to select the audience you want to view your updates or posts.

How do I turn on Newsfeed Targeting on my Business Page?

Step 1. Open your Facebook Business Page and write an update on your Status Page.


Step 2. Click on the globe icon below the Status page and select the option Limit Audience by: Demographics.


Step 3. On the pop-up window, select the tab News Feed Targeting and fill up all the information for the    target audience you’d like to see your posts or updates.


Step 4. Click Save at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Everytime you post an update on your business page, you can select that specific audience you have previously set on the Newsfeed Targeting. Make sure you schedule the posts at the optimal time. You can check this by going to Insights>Postsand you’ll see the day and time of the week that your audience are online.

Optimize the use of your CTA (Call-to-Action). The great thing about Facebook’s CTAs is the fact that you can tailor it based on the current sale or promo your business is running. Options like Book Now, Sign Up, Shop Now, Watch Video, among others are available for you to utilize to encourange your audience to do what you want them to.

Pin posts that are getting the Most Engagement. To do this, simply click on the drop down arrow on the upper portion of the published post and select the option Pin on Top.


Maximize your Cover Photo. If you have a Sale Event, or a new product, or an upcoming event you can use the cover page to promote it.

Use Facebook Offer. Holidays are great season to make a Facebook Offer as people are looking for presents for themselves or for their loved ones. Take advantage of it by selecting the Offer, Event+ option and fill in all the information for the offer you wish your audience to view.

Increase Audience Reach by tagging the Person or Business where you Curated your Article From. You can do this by placing the “@” and choose the business page or name from the selection or you can go to the business page where you curated or referenced your article from, ‘Like’ their page and return to your business page and tag them. Note: Make sure you ask permission from the Admin of the business page or the Author of the Article before you tag them.

Increasing your Engagement and Facebook reach is not easy but implementing these social media marketing strategies will definitely make an impact in getting you more engagement and post reach. Need any help? Call us at (949) 800-6990 for a free social media consultation and social media analysis.




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6 SEO and Marketing Trends to Grow Your Orange County Business this 2016

6 SEO and Marketing Trends to Grow Your Orange County Business this 2016


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make your business grow, you have to be where your customers are! So how do Orange County business owners achieve growth this 2016 through SEO:

1. Mobile SEO. Here are some of the facts that need to be considered:

  • In a study conducted by Pew Research Center, it was found that 64% of Americans are now using smartphones.
  • According to Anna Washenko of Business 2 Community, 80% of all internet users are now mobile users.
  • Jessica Bowers also noted that Google penalizes all websites that are not geared to work and are not optimized for mobile devices.

In other words, to achieve engagement, better brand recognition and ranking on search engines, business      owners need to optimize their marketing efforts into making their websites mobile-friendly.

2. Focus on Users and Consumers. Aside from the fact that Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly, it also frowns on websites that do not provide the best user-experience to its visitors. Rather than just selling and marketing their brands, business owners should consider the whole or complete experience the web visitors should have on their websites. From the initial contact to sales and beyond, website owners should have what Jessica Bowers refer to asRelationship Marketing; which means that after a certain customer buys from your brand, the point of contact doesn’t end there! You have to nurture that relationship as that previous customer has the potential to become a returning one. Relationship marketing is going to get bigger this 2016 so analyzing of data, tracking which social media your customers have, what they’ve added and abandoned on their shopping carts, which social media accounts they follow, their product preferences, etc. All these things should be given emphasis this coming year not just to please search engines but to generate more sales.

3. Data and Stats for everything. How do we know what time of the day your customers visit your website the most? Which location they’re from? Which device they use to visit your website? These things can be measured and tracked so to get more business this 2016, improve the way your business track data. This can be done through Google Analytics. The more you mine, analyze and work on the data provided by the search engine’s analytics, the better you can target locations where your website traffic originate from, the better you develop your marketing strategies once you proved that more mobile consumers visit your website and make online purchases there, and concentrate your efforts on the time of the day that your potential customers are checking your updates out. All these things have direct correlation to the customer focus or customer experience that Google use as index in ranking.

4. SEO in Videos. With Google’s acquisition of YouTube, video content are expected to increase visibility in search engine rankings according to Jayson DeMers of Forbes so if you’re a business owner who wants to stay on top, prepare for the inevitable shift in the SEO trend by uploading more video content into your website that way when Google integrates video ads into the results of search engine rankings, you won’t be left out.

5. Search and Social Merging. Facebook’s in-app search function, along with Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest’s search functionalities and improved advertising options means that business owners should optimize their social media presence to reach more customers by offering actual services on social media platforms. Start optimizing your shop section on Facebook, allocate Twitter and Facebook ad budget, and integrate Pinterest and Instagram on your social media marketing to increase not just social media ROI but improve search rankings.

6. Automation. With 75% of content marketers releasing new content every month, it would be quite hard for you to keep up if you’re still manually posting, reviewing, analyzing and tracking consumer conversions. Automation is necessary for every business owner’s marketing initiatives to succeed.

Need help with SEO and any other marketing campaigns to get more sales and engagement this 2016? Call us at (949) 800-6990 today and check out your current website standing through the free online reports Drive Traffic Media provides.