Why Blog? How is it Beneficial to My Website?

You may want to consider starting a website blog now if you are running a business here in Orange County. SEO is the main reason why your website needs blog. Competition nowadays is so stiff that you may want to look for additional marketing tools that can attract and expand your online presence and a blog is an added material to your website that helps catch the attention of your target market and enrich online visibility especially if these are optimized and anchored to important pages in your website.

Here are the Top 3 things that will explain further how beneficial a blog can be: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/why-blog-how-is-it-beneficial-to-my-website/


Social Media Marketing Makes Your Orange County Business Shine


The goals of social media marketing do not end in gaining likes, fans, and retweets but a genuine opportunity to further develop your brand and give your Orange County business a voice.

Here are some of the many reasons why it  is beneficial to your business: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/social-media-marketing-makes-your-orange-county-business-shine/

Google Adwords Desktop LayOut Affects SEO and PPC



Description: With the roll out of the new Google Desktop Adwords lay-out, SEO and PPC are clearly affected but with a well managed SEO and PPC campaigns offered by Drive Traffic Media, your Orange County business won’t get anywhere else but higher.

As of January 19, 2016, Google changed the format of the search engine adwords. You might notice that ads are not shown anymore at the sidebar (except for PLAs or the E-commerce Product Listing Ads) and the top bar ads are only limited to four while the rest are seen at the bottom. Whereas the old format or lay out allows for organic listing to be seen without having to scroll down, the new layout has the potential to affect not just PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns but most importantly, your Orange County clients.


Because of this new lay-out, the visibility and the number of clickthroughs (CTRs) of websites to the ranking pages of the SERPs might change and the only ones that will remain are those with the best SEO and those that have quality and well-managed PPC campaigns. Who will benefit and who will come out as losers to this change? Read more: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/google-adwords-desktop-layout-affects-seo-and-ppc/

SEO Factors for Irvine Business to Rank

What’s constant in Google are the updates that it releases. Sometimes, it would come as a shock to business owners. At times, all you can do is shake it off and look for better strategies that will get you back up to the ranking. WhichSEO approach would work this 2016? For Irvine enterpreneurs and companies, SEO is more important than ever considering the hub of businesses, and competitions, coming to the city. What then, are the essential factors that would get your business noticed? Read more: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/seo-factors-for-irvine-business-to-rank/

10 Reasons to Invest in SEO for Your Irvine Business This Year

10 Reasons to Invest in SEO for Your Irvine Business This Year


Regardless of whether you’re a small or big business, competition is present- not just personally but also on the cyberspace. Thus it is important to invest in SEO this 2016 especially if you’re a business owner in Irvine- the city which has been dubbed by Businessweek as the fifth-best city in the United States last September 2011; and also the best-run city in the U.S. last 2014 by 24/7 Wall Street. National and international headquarters of big corporations have their main office or headquarters in Irvine so where else will you target your online marketing, especially your SEO efforts, than here?

Despite its popularity and necessity though, many old businesses are still doubtful of the need for this staple of business marketing, avoid the complexity and choose instead to continue with their traditional efforts of getting business or customers.

Admittedly, businesses can survive without SEO- not with quite a lot of effort at their old methods though, so without further ado, let me present the reasons why your business in Irvine needs SEO: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/10-reasons-to-invest-in-seo-for-your-irvine-business-this-year/

Domain Name as an Internet Marketing Tool for Your Business


Each computer has what we call an Internet Protocol (IP) address which is a set of four numbers separated by periods but we can’t remember all our favorite websites with just number combinations, can you? That’s the reason why domain names were created, that way, we don’t have to memorize as each of those numeric IP addresses are given unique names instead.

Why would businesses care for domain names, anyway? As an Orange County business owner, owning a domain name is not just limited to getting a technical shortcut of the numerical combination. In the world of internet marketing and sales, it could make your presence known to the cyberspace or it can ditch your business to the netherworld. http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/domain-name-as-an-internet-marketing-tool-for-your-business/

Facebook’s New Emojis More than the Usual ‘Like’

Everyone agrees that Emojis are the next massive phenomenon on the biggest social media platform, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg first announced this development last October and in the next few weeks, we can all start expressing our ‘likes’ in various ways through the six emojis that Facebook will add These are collectively known as Facebook “Reactions” and you will all see reactions like : angry, sad, wow, haha, yay and love.The upcoming icons will add not only excitement to users but also enhance creativity the way people communicate and express their emotions. Read more here: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/facebooks-new-emojis-more-than-the-usual-like/