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Why Choose WordPress Web Design?

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Hiring a WordPress web design company Orange County has its merits. Find out why WordPress stands out among all other CMS. Read mre…


White-Hat Marketing Company with Proven Success

Want your local business to be on the frontline of your Los Angeles and Santa Monica audience? Our local marketing campaign will get you there!
Los Angeles SEO and Santa Monica SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Web design. We are experts when it comes to making a great return on your investments. We will help you grow money on your local trees!


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Website Redesign And How To Make It Sell Better

It is an extremely exciting process to redesign a website! Yes, it is essential to have a great looking website to pretty much convert your visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, visual designers overlooked SEO, traffic, and content which are supposed to be the ultimate gauge in the success  of a website. Many have been fooled believing that the web design alone will increase or at least improve revenue. The reality is, the new design can increase a customer’s trust and only later will it turn or increase sales rates.

Here are some few strategies or better approaches we could use in redesigning a website:

Non-Invasive Remedy to Your Chiropractor Presence Online? Here are Different Ways!

Not just anyone can do spinal adjustments. Neither can anyone run a successful internet marketing, SEO, web design and social media campaigns that focuses on your customer’s health and well-being that’s why companies like Drive Traffic Media is here to make adjustments so that you’ll get a healthier presence and ranking online.

SEO is highly known as the backbone of internet marketing; It is a powerful marketing strategy for most local chiropractors especially in attracting new patients and is most effective in increasing the site’s visibility in every keyword search a potential customer does. That is why it is important that your website for chiropractors is designed, written and coded well so that it will show up on the first page of their search results.

In this article, you will be able to discover and understand how stressful yet gratifying building a chiropractic website is. Here’s a  great start in drafting and creating a website of your dream:

Say No to Cart Abandonment On Your E-Commerce Website!


E-commerce sites are popular nowadays as shopping online from the customers’ mobile devices make it easy to choose the products they want and add it to their shopping carts. However, there are challenges by which e-commerce sites need to face, i.e. customers abandoning their shopping carts and thus the potential of sales. What’s the underlying cause? A poor website design. Let’s take a look at the factors below: