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LinkedIn Can Be Great For SEO Orange County

If you’re trying to maximize SEO Orange County, look no further than LinkedIn.

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Things You Can Do If Your Site Ranking Has Dropped

An SEO company can help you stay on top of the SERPs

Fluctuations in search ranking are almost always inevitable. This is especially true as search engines such as Google frequently roll out real-time algorithm updates. This doesn’t only sometimes cause algorithmic penalties, but it also causes search rankings to head into the wrong direction.

The good news is there are a couple of easy things you can do to stop your site from making a nosedive?

Here are some easy ways you can do to prevent your site ranking from dropping:

Review the ABCs of your website

Make sure your site is not lacking the basic essentials of a successful website. It should:

  • Effectively represent your company and its objectives
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Have a structure that’s easy to navigate
  • Give you access to statistics that guide you in making marketing decisions

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Why SEO and Social Need to be Mixed

Social media and SEO, yes they go together like Batman and Robin!

Back then, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to include just building links strictly- no objective, no strategy, and no fear of spam penalties. Analysts said the name of the game was quantity, and the site with the most links won.

As times changed,  social media evidently became more important than ever.  Here are some reasons why you need to include social media in your SEO Los Angeles strategy: