12 Offsite Optimization Techniques You Can Do

Search engine optimization is an ever changing strategy and what you implement today might be out-of-date when you wake up tomorrow. So unless you build a solid SEO foundation, you’ll find your website below the drain when Google decides to shift its algorithm.

As an Orange County SEO company, it is a must that whatever onsite optimization you do, you should implement similar offsite techniques to stay afloat in the ranking pages. Here are a few offsite optimization techniques you can do:

  1. Online presence. Build a strong online presence on social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter. In doing so, you can get connected to people, groups or communities which can promote your company and share your content with others.
  1. Blogging. Write unique and relevant blogs and make sure to distribute it on blog directory sites, social bookmarking, social sharing, and other blog search engines. Commenting on do-follow blogs can also boost your credit on search engines. However, it has been found that sharing blogs with no-follow links but has strong social signals can also help your ranking.
  1. Directory submission. Be efficient in choosing the right category when you submit your link on directory sites like Yahoo Directory, One Mission, ZoomInfo, etc.

Read more here: http://www.drivetrafficmedia.com/12-offsite-optimization-techniques-can/

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