Why You Must Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Would you agree that more people perform searches through their phones than sit behind a computer desktop to accomplish the same search?

Surveys show that the drastic increase in the use of mobile –  a device that is with us most of the time, is because of a vast number of apps and mobile-optimized websites, that have made mobile user experience fast, friendly, even affordable in preference to the desktop.

Even Google found out that diners perform the local search on a highly-rated Italian restaurant using their mobile devices rather than doing it through their PCs.  The same Google study found that 80% of local mobile searches result in an online conversion. Hence, if you are offering local business services and haven’t yet optimized the website for mobile, you might be in trouble.

How can mobile-responsive websites affect your SEO Los Angeles and SEO Santa Monica ranking? Here’s how! Those who use mobile devices typically want to obtain information of what they’re searching for quickly and easily, something which is not an easy feat for desktop users. Even reports show that mobile users spend more money per purchase than those who visit the same site via their desktop computers. Moreso, customers will more likely to return to your site and retain your brand in their memories if they can access your site while they are on-the-go.


Read more here: https://www.seolosangelescity.com/must-optimize-website-mobile/

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