Why Creating Original Content is So Important

Throughout the SEO and marketing world, you may hear that original content is needed to get good rankings in Google. The ranking is important because the easier it is to find your Santa Monica business, the more potential customers you will receive.

So what can be classified as original content? Original content is content that has not been published online yet or something that has never been said before. However, finding content that is truly original is often rare. Many bloggers or publishers create content from their point of view or opinion on an existing published material. So if you want to write content on something that has already been talked about, do it from your own point of view and discuss it in your words to maintain your content’s originality. Try adding in extra points that support your topic or opinion. An excellent way to see if your content is unique is to use copyscape.com. Copyscape will look through the web and find content similarities. You can use this to see how unique your content truly is.

Read more here: http://www.seolosangelescity.com/creating-original-content-important/

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