How to Set Up a Social Media Event Landing Page

Facebook is one of the most powerful, useful tools that is proven to be effective social media platform to promote or create an event. It is believed to be the easiest and cheapest tool.

No matter what kind of event you are holding, it would make no sense if people don’t come so as an organizer, you have to cover everything for the event and plan every detail ahead of time so you know how to employ your resources and marketing will come into play.  It always take a great deal of time and effort to promote events successfully.

Among a few of the things you can do are: reaching out to your target audience through all possible channels, webinars, sponsored ads, email blasting and / or linking your website.; sharing your Facebook event outside Facebook, i.e. on a blog or website,through email marketing and other social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

How Do You Set Up an Event Landing Page?


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