SEO Strategies to Combat Google’s Lay-out and Improve Organic Ranking

Do you know why Google changed the lay-out of SERPs, removed ads on the right side and reduced the number of displayed ads? An eye-mapping study conducted last year showed that people who have previously viewed search results in an “F” pattern are now doing it vertically and skipping the right side. The study also revealed that viewers or searchers are scanning pages from 14-15 seconds before and are averaging to only 8-9 seconds now. The change in the lay-out has also something to do with Google’s gravitation as a mobile search engine as ads on the right side of the page are not visible on mobile devices.

Since the lay-out can’t be changed, maintaining a solid SEO strategy is the only defense we can do to stay on the SERPs organically. Below are some of the tips that we can do to adapt and maintain our presence in the “Holy Grail’ of organic rankings:



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