Google Adwords Desktop LayOut Affects SEO and PPC



Description: With the roll out of the new Google Desktop Adwords lay-out, SEO and PPC are clearly affected but with a well managed SEO and PPC campaigns offered by Drive Traffic Media, your Orange County business won’t get anywhere else but higher.

As of January 19, 2016, Google changed the format of the search engine adwords. You might notice that ads are not shown anymore at the sidebar (except for PLAs or the E-commerce Product Listing Ads) and the top bar ads are only limited to four while the rest are seen at the bottom. Whereas the old format or lay out allows for organic listing to be seen without having to scroll down, the new layout has the potential to affect not just PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns but most importantly, your Orange County clients.


Because of this new lay-out, the visibility and the number of clickthroughs (CTRs) of websites to the ranking pages of the SERPs might change and the only ones that will remain are those with the best SEO and those that have quality and well-managed PPC campaigns. Who will benefit and who will come out as losers to this change? Read more:


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