SEO Orange County: Guide on How to Rank your New Website

SEO Orange County: Guide on How to Rank your New Website


Is it possible to get your website ranked when it’s new? The old-school, black-hat SEO techniques might have worked before but not in the current situation where Google release updates and algorithm shifts by surprise and where the focus of SEO is more on content and its users.

Is it possible to rank your website through SEO quickly though? The answer is still a Yes! Here are some SEO techniques to get you quick ranking even if you got a newbie website and you’re a new entrepreneur here in Orange County:


1. Choose Long Tail Keywords. Neil Patel of Search Engine Journal recommends the use of long tail keywords. These are keywords that are composed of more than 4 words. The reason? According to Marketing Hub long tail keywords have less competition than their short counterparts, thus, it would be easier for your website to rank on the top pages of Google. It might not mean a lot in your website traffic if you only target 3 long tail keywords but when you have 12 or more, well, that’s a different story!

In addition, using long tail keywords provides better web conversion than the small tail keywords. Why? Those who search for long term keywords already know what they are after, they know what they want and if you optimize your website properly with the long tail keywords they’re after, you just don’t get traffic. You also get sales.

How much traffic will you get from long tail keywords? Moz  stated that 80% of organic traffic comes from long tail keywords. Besides, your website doesn’t stand a chance with Wikipedia all over the place of search engines if you use short tail ones!

Another advantage? Search Engine Watch  stated on their research that the 11-20 character keywords get almost 60 percent of the impressions and clicks and the 21-25 character keywords get 80 percent of call conversions.


2. Make sure your website has a Solid SEO Foundation. When I say “solid SEO foundation,” I mean starting from the creation of the website itself. Choose a theme and platform that is easy for the readers to navigate, fast to load, and mobile-friendly; build your website through the most-popular and well-used CMS, WordPress; and of course, install SEO plugin that will aid in your SEO efforts.


3. Don’t rush things up if your website isn’t ready. If your website is still on the Set-Up phase, don’t allow Google’s bots to crawl your site yet. Until it has been finalized and ready to be crawled, create a robot.txt and tag it with a noindex no follow. You can remove these tags once your website is properly set-up and all details are covered.


4. Write Content Consistently! As I’ve mentioned earlier, search engines rank websites based on how content-driven they are so make sure that your site attracts Google’s attention through this SEO technique. Search engines have a way of determining whether your website has fresh content- newer content and newer websites means good news to Google- so keep a steady stream of it to get rankings and maintain your position on top.


5. Promote and Share your Content. How will your website get viewers and visitors if you just publish content and let it sit there? Share it to your social media accounts, emails, on industry-specific forum sites, blog commentaries and share it to industry and blog influencers. The more your content are distributed, the greater are the chances for your new website to get rankings and visitors.


Getting to rank a website is hard, more so, if you’re a new entrepreneur trying to promote not just your new website but the products or services that are on it. You have to put in hours of work doing and re-doing things, yet in the end, with the right SEO strategies implemented, you will be rewarded with your website’s name on the ranking pages of Google.

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How to Help Your New Website Get Indexed on Google by Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal



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