Orange County Social Media Marketing to Increase Facebook Business Page Reach

As of November this year, Facebook boasts a total of 1.55 billion monthly active users with 1.01 billion active daily users and 217 million of which are from US and Canada. In addition, there are 40 million small business pages that are active on Facebook. The question is, is your own Orange County Facebook business page attracting new Likes or engagement with every update you share or post? Are your social media marketing strategies attracting more business especially this holiday? Now is the right time to exert additional effort as this is considered to be Facebook’s busiest month. How can you step up the game for your social media marketing and attract more Orange County buyers to engage and buy your products? Let me discuss a few strategies.

Target your Post Audience. Let’s face it, no one will notice your posts unless they’re interested with what you have to share and that’s the reason why you need to utilize Facebook’s Newsfeed Targeting. This will allow you to select the audience you want to view your updates or posts.

How do I turn on Newsfeed Targeting on my Business Page?

Step 1. Open your Facebook Business Page and write an update on your Status Page.


Step 2. Click on the globe icon below the Status page and select the option Limit Audience by: Demographics.


Step 3. On the pop-up window, select the tab News Feed Targeting and fill up all the information for the    target audience you’d like to see your posts or updates.


Step 4. Click Save at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Everytime you post an update on your business page, you can select that specific audience you have previously set on the Newsfeed Targeting. Make sure you schedule the posts at the optimal time. You can check this by going to Insights>Postsand you’ll see the day and time of the week that your audience are online.

Optimize the use of your CTA (Call-to-Action). The great thing about Facebook’s CTAs is the fact that you can tailor it based on the current sale or promo your business is running. Options like Book Now, Sign Up, Shop Now, Watch Video, among others are available for you to utilize to encourange your audience to do what you want them to.

Pin posts that are getting the Most Engagement. To do this, simply click on the drop down arrow on the upper portion of the published post and select the option Pin on Top.


Maximize your Cover Photo. If you have a Sale Event, or a new product, or an upcoming event you can use the cover page to promote it.

Use Facebook Offer. Holidays are great season to make a Facebook Offer as people are looking for presents for themselves or for their loved ones. Take advantage of it by selecting the Offer, Event+ option and fill in all the information for the offer you wish your audience to view.

Increase Audience Reach by tagging the Person or Business where you Curated your Article From. You can do this by placing the “@” and choose the business page or name from the selection or you can go to the business page where you curated or referenced your article from, ‘Like’ their page and return to your business page and tag them. Note: Make sure you ask permission from the Admin of the business page or the Author of the Article before you tag them.

Increasing your Engagement and Facebook reach is not easy but implementing these social media marketing strategies will definitely make an impact in getting you more engagement and post reach. Need any help? Call us at (949) 800-6990 for a free social media consultation and social media analysis.




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