The Magic Of An SEO Company

An SEO company might not seem necessary to every business owner until you see the tangible results that hiring one produces.

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How Hiring An SEO Company Can Be Beneficial To Your Business?

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When Using An SEO Company Orange County Auto Dealers Are Marketing To More

The last time you needed to research a purchase, what did you do?  In past decades you may have asked friends, looked up the product in industry magazines, or even have gone to the library.  But nowadays, odds are you simply pulled out your phone or tablet and did a quick internet search.  Most people who need to make a purchase today do just that, and most people don’t read past the first two pages of search results.  The key to ensuring that they decide to purchase from your business, then, is making sure you’re on those first two pages.  While using  an SEO company Orange County dealerships can see a significant jump in page ranking, and that can translate into a jump in sales.

Does Do It Yourself Work?

Many business owners wonder if hiring an SEO strategy company is overkill.  After all, how hard can it be to run a website?  The fact is that trying to manage your business’s SEO strategy by yourself is a bit like trying to do all the graphic design and fabrication for your dealership’s sign.  Sure, you could do it, but it would take a lot of time, training, and expertise that you don’t have, and in the end you would get a sign that looks like it’s been put together by an amateur.  Most would rather hire a professional sign-maker, get assured quality, and free themselves up to make money.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when designing an SEO strategy:

Is It Professional?

Thinking of the sign example again, you wouldn’t hire someone to do the graphic design for your sign unless you could see a portfolio of their work and you agreed that it looked professional, on-brand, and attractive.  An SEO company should be able to provide you with useful website content, social media marketing, and advice for how to reach your customers across multiple internet platforms (such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, and so on).   In addition, they should be able to provide all of these things in language and style that matches your business’s unique brand.


Forget the Facebook ads. Sure Facebook can target groups, maybe even “people who might be moving” but it’s hard to find clients this way. No one scrolls through Facebook to find movers when they’re stressed packing or planning to move. Instead, they do what anyone would do. They go to Google and type in “movers in Los Angeles” (or whatever city they live in) and give them a call.

Facebook ads are meant to build a brand’s presence. Google pay per click advertising, on the other hand, is more precise. If you’re looking for more leads, calls, and sales, use Google Ads, especially if you’re on a budget and need the most value for your money.

Grow your marketing efforts along with your business

Spend your entire marketing budgets on Google Ads. As you increase sales, you can increase your marketing efforts until you show up on 100% of the searches in your area.

Thanks to Google AdWords, you can place ads in front of the people who need to see them most, people in your targeted locations, who need your services at the moment they need them. What’s even better is you only pay Google when someone clicks, calls or visits your website.

How To Implement An SEO Strategy That Works

If you’re looking to keep your SEO sharp, the odds are that you already know that keeping up-to-date is important. But when strategizing SEO, businesses have an array of choices. How do you know where you should focus your attention? How can you maximize the financial impact of your investment, both of time and of money? Some SEO strategies have proven to be more powerful than others. Here are a few particularly excellent gambits:

Optimize For Mobile Customers

According to Forbes, more people than ever use their mobile devices to browse the internet. In fact, mobile devices are used more than desktops. The big search engines like Google have noticed this, and now they more heavily weight your mobile site. This means that any SEO strategy that doesn’t prioritize your mobile site and mobile content is leaving you behind.

Go Local

Another effect of the increase of mobile browsing/searching is that local optimization matters more than ever. If your customers are searching for “Orange County nail salons” on their phones, for example, and you’re optimized only for “nail salons,” your site might not show up on their search. A local SEO company is particularly useful in this regard: as it can help you think of and optimize for keywords that you might not know you need to use. Even if you do a fair amount of non-local business, make sure you are optimized for both local and national keywords.

Ask And Answer Questions To Optimize For Rich Answers

What’s a rich answer? It’s a small piece of text that a search engine will display in response to a query, rather than making the user click through to a website. For instance, if you search “what year did the Beatles break up?” you might be given a rich answer display of “1970” with a snippet of text from Wikipedia. Search engines don’t make up these answers, but rather lift them from quality sites. Asking relevant questions, and correctly and concisely answering them, can give your SEO a boost.

Email: Isn’t That Old News?

With all the buzz about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it can seem like there’s a new way to market your business every five minutes. Social media marketing is wonderful, but all the fast-paced changes can make it easy to forget a real powerhouse that you have at your fingertips: email.


That’s right, email like the email you checked just this morning. In fact, if you’ve checked your email several times today, you’re in good company. About 91% of consumers use email, often checking it via mobile devices several times per day. Think about it: every time your customer checks their email, that’s another chance for you to get your message to them.


But What About Social Media?


Social media marketing works best when you can marry it to your email marketing. A carefully thought-out marketing plan will allow both strategies to work synergistically: your email list can help direct people to your social media content, and your social media content can direct people to sign up for your email list.


For example, your social media content might include interesting videos related to the lifestyle associated with your brand. (A food brand might include cooking videos.) A link on social media can direct those who see it to sign up for your email content, which can contain coupons or other things to woo consumers.


Likewise, your emails can contain links to your social media pages, which will allow those who find you via the email list to also follow you on social media. It’s a feedback loop, with the customer getting something to reward them at each stage, and with your company getting something it needs, too–the customer’s attention. Multiple ways for your customers to access your content ensures that you have multiple chances to connect with them.


Remarketing: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Customers are very important such that the success of a business depends largely on them. If you own a business, it just makes sense to find more strategies that would get you more visitors in your physical store or, perhaps, drive more traffic online.

The next question will be, “How do you attract new customers?”

In this article, we’ll focus on one of the most effective sales and advertising strategy used by businesses today. It’s called remarketing.

What is remarketing?

In a nutshell, remarketing is a technique that several online businesses use to connect or to maintain contact with customers who have expressed interest in their business. For example, customers, who have previously visited a pet shop’s website, will continue seeing the pet shop’s ads even after they’ve left the site.

How does remarketing work?

Once a customer opens a company’s website, his browser will acquire a small piece of information called cookie. The cookie ID is added to the company’s remarketing list. Depending on the criteria created by the company, this remarketing cookie makes browsers display a company’s ads more frequently.

Before a remarketing campaign becomes active, a minimum number of 100 cookie ids on each remarketing list should be met.